Hi, my name is Becky and I’m a workaholic!!

Workaholic = bonus for you!!

Impatient = you don’t have to wait for responses back or products ordered.
Mind blowing quick return time!!

Perfectionist = every image will be perfected until I’m completely satisfied

I LOVE what I do for a living.  I am blessed to be surrounded by such loving and supportive family and friends.  I have a little girl who I love so much, words cannot express.  Needless to say she has had a (few) photo shoots in her day!!! LOL  Whether it be the camera lens or video camera lens…she always has this black thing looking at her with a bright light shining in her face!!!  I always laugh and say that she will have the best wedding slideshow of photos when she grows up!!

My photography journey started long before I even realized I was on one.  Throughout my whole life it was rare to see me without my camera in hand and making photo albums of my life’s special events that I had captured.  Friends always laughed and said, “no need to take our cameras we’ll just get the pictures from Becky.”

Since Pure Photography & Design made its debut in 2008, I have grown in many elements that have made me the rounded photographer I am today from becoming skilled in technology, experience, technique, confidence and above all creativity.  The challenge never gets old and it never gets easy, it simply evolves at its own pace.  And in this way I have found my passion…….photography!

It’s the natural light on a beautiful summer day, it’s the art of composition, bold colours and amazing texture that allow me to capture photos that are bright and vibrant or light and airy with a vintage feel or heavy contrast using black and white that adds that classic glam style.

I strive to capture beautiful candid moments.  My style is modern and artistic, keeping true to each client’s personality.

I love capturing a moment that lasts only a blink of the eye.  You can never get that moment back but you can cherish it forever through a photograph.  You can hand it down from generation to generation and its one of the greatest keepsakes in the world.  What greater testament to our lives than looking back over all those photographs.  Photos are our proof of life!!

I am honored to be apart of some of the greatest life experiences people will have in their lifetime; from that first kiss at the alter to holding your new born in your arms to portraits with your future grandchildren I will be there to capture and preserve your memories that will last a lifetime and beyond!!

Much more than just a wedding photographer, Pure Photography also offers clients the best in romantic engagement sessions, lifestyle portrait photography, chic fashion shoots/boudoirs and complete coverage for special events from office Christmas parties to family reunions.  Experienced in commercial work from head shots for business cards, insurance shoots, business parties, agency award shoots and photography for billboard advertising.   From that first baby bump to that first new born photo shoot all the way along until their graduation shoot.

Pure Photography & Design is a one stop shop for all your wedding needs from invitations, wine labels, table cards, guest sign in books, wedding albums and thank you cards.  I also design Christmas cards, baby announcements, collage poster prints, canvas pictures and custom baby photo books.

Pure Photography is going to change the way you look at photography; through fresh innovative experiences designed specific to each client and project.  Pure prides itself on producing higher quality products, at better prices, and delivering goods and services faster than the competition.  You can expect to have your wedding photos back to you in 1-3 weeks.  I apply artistic enhancements and creative edits on ALL images in your package.

Just don’t take my word for why you should hire me.  You can read testimonials from past wedding clients under my testimonial heading and see what they have to say.

Thank you for taking the time to check out what I do!

So as my past clients can attest to my favorite saying while capturing their shoot I will end with these final words.  Ok Now Kiss!!!